Litigation and Debt Collections

Litigation and Debt Collection

Our team of dedicated attorneys will provide you with trusted advice and assistance on all legal matters. Whether it consists of advice on commercial contracts or administrating and recovering your business’ bad debt. Our services and array of specialties in both the High and Magistrate Court include:


  • Drafting and Legal Opinions of Contracts;
  • Drafting of Antenuptial Contracts
  • Notarizations;
  • Contractual Disputes;
  • Debt Collection;
  • Recovering of damages suffered;
  • Motor vehicle claims and damages suffered
  • Construction and Building disputes;
  • Conducting and/or assisting with Arbitrations;
  • Voluntary Insolvencies and Liquidations or any other Insolvency claims;
  • Disputes of shareholding or membership of business entities;


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